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OPTCG OP06 Custom Leader Godpack

OPTCG OP06 Custom Leader Godpack

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Assemble all 6 leaders from OP06 in this Custom Leader Pack, containing 6 custom proxy leaders featuring art from draa_____, Kozzzy, and Peacchip. Perfect for showing off your style, or preparing your leader pool for Sealed Battle in the event you don't open the leader you want to play. 

For added flair check out our Gold stamped "WANTED" versions only limited quantities available

Included in this pack are:

  • Custom Gecko Leader - by draa_________
  • Custom Perona Leader - by draa_________
  • Custom Uta Leader - by Kozzzy
  • Custom Reiju Leader - by Kozzzy
  • Custom Yamato Leader - by Peacchip
  • Custom Hody Jones Leader - by Peacchip 

Tax & Shipping already included for US and Canada

Note: Custom leaders are usable at your local level tournament at Tournament Organizer's discretion, but will not be usable at events like Regionals, Treasure Cups, or Nationals. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful Proxies and Well Made Mats

love the quality of there proxies leaders, the mat finish with the embossed gold really stands out, a little off center but I'm not grading these, also nice touch to have the backs look like the real deal.

Also the playmats are phenomenal great to touch not stinky like a lot of other fan made mats and image quality is just superb, only wish I had space and use for more . I'll be back and can't wait for future products!

Thomas Maher

Cards look great - very high quality cards and the foil looks really good - the smaller gold text suffers a little bit but that’s the only issues I’ve had with them and it’s only up close you’d notice

Bruno V.

Good quality and amazing art for its price and was kept aware at all points on the shipping situation!


The extra yamato had some slightly frayed edges, but it was an extra I wasn't looking for anyways. The art is vibrant and the print quality is good enough. Excited to see the next batch!


The gold is cool but the text quality is not it. The art looks kinda washed too. It's so matte I'm not feeling it too much. Rip the artists who made the art cause it's gorgeous but the card quality doesn't do it justice.

Hey Marcus!

Thanks for your honest feedback. We definitely agree the quality can be improved upon, and this is something we're aware of and are actively working on for our next wave of cards. You can return the product to receive a full refund, and still use the 20% off discount code we've sent you - just send us a message anytime!

We'd like to address that our artists are supportive of our initiatives and are paid fairly for the work they do. They also understand that this is a journey and may take multiple iterations to reach everyone's high standards, so we're all on the same page here.

We're learning a lot through our ambitious goals to deliver awesome products, and will only increase our quality as we progress. Feel free to contact us if you have any other thoughts to share!